Different Types of Olive Oil

Different Types of Olive Oil

Olive oil is, no doubt, one of the most efficient oils for us. It has endless health benefits and apart from this, if you use it for cooking, it will enhance the taste of the dish. However, there are different types of olive oils available in the market. They all have different flavors and tastes. Therefore, you must know the different types of olive oil. Here, we have made a brief breakdown and so, have a look at the following points:

Pomace Olive Oil

Pomace basically indicates the pulp and if we talk about the pomace olive oil, it is made from the pulp of the olive. After picking the olives, they are turned into a paste and oil is extracted from the olive paste. Then, this dry pulp is called pomace. When it comes to producing pomace olive oil, a special solvent is added to the dry pulp and then, the remaining oil is extracted from it. So, this is how pomace olive oil is made and you will find similarities with the manufacturing process of canola oil and soybean oil.

Organic Olive Oil

Organic olive oil indicates the olive oil that is mainly manufactured using an organic process. It means that soil herbicides, plant protection products and synthetic fertilizers are not used to make this olive oil. Organic olive oil has a very high demand in the international markets.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you are looking for the highest olive oil grade, you should definitely go for extra virgin olive oil. It is also known as EVOO and the cold-pressed method is used to produce extra virgin olive oil. The term, ‘extra virgin’ is used because no chemical is used in this process.  In other words, it is the pure juice of olive fruit. The acidity level remains low and therefore, you will get the real flavour.

Virgin Olive Oil

If we talk about the manufacturing process of virgin olive oil, it is almost similar to that of extra virgin olive oil. It is the level of acidity that differentiates the extra virgin olive oil from the virgin olive oil. The level of acidity in extra virgin olive oil is less than 0.8% and on the other side, the level of acidity in the virgin olive oil is 2.0%.

So, you have understood different types of olive oil. Now, if you want to have the highest quality olive oil products, you can get in touch with Artem Oliva.