Olive Oil and Table Olives Exporter

Largest Olive Oil and Table Olives Exporter in Turkey

Artem Oliva is the largest olive oil-table olives exporter in Turkey. Artem Oliva can supply in large and small quantities of table olives and olive oils with the support of its high capacity of production and storage. The company also has the flexibility to supply small and urgent shipments. In the light of this, Artem Oliva is giving the best trade experience to its partners.

As a table olives exporter, Artem Oliva has 1000 metric tons of table olives processing, handling, and storage facility. Furthermore, Artem Oliva has also 1250 metric tons of olive oil storage facility.

At the Artem Oliva factory, customers can enjoy the benefits of custom-made olive oil supply solutions, designed to meet their unique requirements and preferences. This personalized approach has played a significant role in securing Artem Oliva’s reputation as the leading olive oil exporter in Turkey. By focusing on meeting the diverse needs of its clientele, the company is able to deliver a wide variety of olive oil types and table olives without compromising on service quality.

Artem Oliva team works closely with customers to understand their specific needs, ensuring the perfect blend and packaging of olive oil products. This attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction enables the company to cater to a range of markets and industries, from gourmet food retailers to large-scale food manufacturers. Through innovation, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to quality, Artem Oliva continues to excel as a preferred supplier of premium olive oils and table olives in the global marketplace.

The strength of Artem Oliva comes also from its wide range of packing options available to the customers such as glass bottle olive oil, pet bottle olive oil, totes, drums and flexi-tanks.

Types of Olive and Olive Oil Products Exported by Artem Oliva

Olive oil types are Extra Virgin, Virgin, Early Harvest, Organic, Refined Olive Oil, Olive Pomace Oil, and Lampante Olive Oil. All these types of olive oils are available for export in Artem Oliva. These olive oil types are certified in accordance with the international norms and regulations of the European Commission and the International Olive Oil Council.
5 Dorica Bottles of Artem Oliva Extra Virgin Olive Oils Being Sent for Exportation After the Production
Palletized Extra Virgin Olive Oil Loading by a Forklift in Olive Oil Factory of Artem Oliva that is Located in Izmir, Turkey.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This is the olive fruit’s juice extracted only via mechanical ways. There are many proven health features of extra virgin olive oil. This is why this olive oil type is consumed all over the world with an increasing consumption trend. Artem Oliva produces and exports low acidity extra virgin olive oils. When we say, “low acidity”, we mean about 30-40% lower than industry standards. Moreover, low acidity means that the quality of extra virgin olive oil is high.
    • Extra Virgin Olive is the best oil available for cooking. This is due to its superior characteristics. Since this olive oil is made only via physical methods, it is the healthiest oil for meals. This oil can be used in both hot and cold dishes.
    • Standard free fatty acidity level of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 0.8%.
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the abbreviation of “EVOO”.
    • Extra Virgin Olive must not have any negative sensory attributes. The median of the defects is 0 and the median for fruity is above 0 in extra virgin olive oils.
  • Virgin Olive Oil: Virgin olive oil is the second-best olive oil type. It has the same production methods and processes. It is the fruit juice extracted only via mechanical ways. However, there are slight differences. The major two differences are the acidity levels and sensory profiles. Virgin olive oils the best choice for meals with its unique aroma and flavor. The medium aroma of bitterness and fruitiness make the virgin olive oil perfect for cold and hot meals.
    • Virgin olive oil must have max free acidity of 2.0% (1.2% higher than EVOO).
    • Virgin olive oils may have the median of the defects above 0, but not more than 3.5. Besides, the median for fruity is to be above 0.
  • Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This olive oil is one of the most premium quality olive oils. The name comes from the production processes of this wonderful olive oil. Early harvest means that the olive fruits are harvested at their early stage of maturity. When olive fruit is not matured yet, the phenolic compound found in the oil is higher. Thus, the health features of such olive oil are very strong.
    • To make such high quality of olive oil, the olives are harvest around October and November.
    • Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive oils are used mainly in cold salads, dips, seasonings.
    • Produced with limited amount each year, this wonderful liquid gold offers wide range of health properties.
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This olive oil type is certified by the official authorities in accordance with organic food requirements. These olive trees are grown without any chemical or unnatural chemicals.
    • Organic olive oil is proved by the certification bodies under the regulations and practices with regards to the fertilization and disease control.
    • This high quality olive oil can be used in hot or cold meals. In addition, this oil can be consumed by kids without any problem.
  • Olive Pomace Oil: Pomace is the solid residue left from the olive oil production. This residue still contains some oil content that cannot be extracted via physical methods. correspondingly, some chemicals and solvents are required to be used to extract this oil. This is basically called pomace oil. However, the pomace oil does not contain and flavor or aroma due to the processes. Additionally, a portion of extra virgin olive oil is added into pomace oil. This process makes the pomace oil to be with EVOO flavors and aroma.
    • Olive Pomace Oil contains all the positive sensory qualifications of EVOO. Thus, it can be used in the similar areas of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
    • Advantage of Olive Pomace Oil is that this oil has capacity to tolerate high heat more than the virgin olive oils.
  • Refined Olive Oil: This olive oil type is produced from the high acidity levels olive oils via refining process. There is no chemical or additive, so this is pure olive oil has a very light taste.
    • The acidity level of this olive oil type is max 0.3%.
    • Refined olive oil has high capacity to endure during high heats.
    • Best use of area is frying.
  • Lampante Olive Oil: This olive oil is a sub-category of virgin olive oil category. Sometimes, mechanical pressing of the overripe or dropped on ground olives produces lampante olive oil. In some other cases, olives are spoiled due to unexpected weather conditions or pest attacks. Normally, lampante olive oil is not edible. Therefore, it needs to be refined.
    • The name of this olive oil type comes from its area of use in ancient times as lamp oil.
    • In order to make it edible again, it must be refined.
    • In some industries, this olive oil is demanded as it is. Due to its high acidity levels, it is highly preferred by candle producers and soap producers.
    • Artem Oliva is offering high quality, high acidity and low cost lampante olive oil to its customers from different industries.
  • Table Olive Varieties:  Cracked Green Olives, Stratched Green Olives, Stone Crushed Green Olives, Naturally Fermented Black Olives, Stuffed Green Olives(varieties), Klamata Green Olives, Dried Natural Black Olives, Less Salty (Light) Olives, Grilled Green Olives.
Artem Oliva olive oil products securely packed in a shipping container, ready for international transportation and delivery.
Rows of steel drums containing Artem Oliva Olive Pomace Oil, ready for shipment to ensure quality and freshness upon delivery.

Refined Olive Oil Exporter

Olive oil is a product that has some varieties that consist of a portion of refined olive oil. These types of olive oils are called pure olive oil, ordinary olive oil, olive pomace oil, and so on. These wordings refer to the olive oil content that includes a portion of refined olive oil. In most cases, this portion is about 90%.

As Artem Oliva, we can offer custom-made olive oils by the requirement coming from the customers for each trade. The smaller content of refined olive oil products is extra virgin olive oils. This means that if you are buying refined olive oil, most probably it consists of a portion of extra virgin olive oil.

Bulk Olive Oil Exporter

We have also the flexibility to offer a wide range of packaging to our customers when it comes to exporting olive oils. There are different types of packing required by our customers and we are able to offer those smoothly. One of the widely used packing type is bulk. Artem Oliva is one of the largest bulk olive oil exporters in the world.

Many different customers all around the world work with Artem Oliva to meet their bulk olive oil needs. Artem Oliva’s experience on bulk olive oil export is reflecting the high service quality our customers are getting. When it comes to definition of bulk olive oil, there are different forms of packing.

Since Artem Oliva is offering the best quality of olive oils from Turkey in bulk form, different types of customer needs are met through this process. Such customers consist of HoReCa, canned fish producers, large hotels, restaurant chains and all other types of food products manufacturers. As one of the largest bulk olive oil exporters, Artem Oliva is delivering the highest quality of extra virgin, virgin olive oils in bulk form to all of these types of customers.

Artem Oliva has strong relationships with its customers all around the world as an olive oil exporter. This is because we have a very effective supply chain management system. Delivering the required types of olive oils and table olives on time is the main job of the Artem Oliva team. The perfect partnership with distributors and wholesalers in many different countries is the foundation that ensures a path to a successful future for Artem Oliva’s business.

Artem Oliva Operation of Exporting Olive Oil

The bulk form of olive oil can be used for all grades, such as extra virgin olive oil and olive pomace oil. Since there are different needs of different customers, bulk olive oil is an item that has a constant and growing demand.

The type of olive oil that is mostly exported in bulk form is Olive Pomace Oil. Most of the importers of bulk olive pomace oil are using this olive oil as an ingredient in their food processing facilities.

On the other hand, Artem Oliva is chosen by many importers who are looking for bulk olive oil products. If you are also looking for bulk olive oil, please contact Artem Oliva directly.

Woman Making Salad in the Kitchen with Artem Oliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is Exported by Artem Oliva from Turkey.

One of Turkey’s Leading Exporters of Olive Oil

The concept of olive oil exporting is very large and complex. It is very difficult to grab the top position and Artem Oliva knows this very well. As a matter of fact, our company is delivering the highest quality olive oil products with more than 60 years of experience.

You will get the highest quality table olives and olive oils from the motherland of olive oil and olive. This region is called Aegean, Turkey where it is produced. Since the ancient times, olive oil has been the symbol of culture of the people lived here. Therefore, there is a great amount of know-how accumulated in the region about olive oil production and usage.

With such a long experience and knowledge of our company, we can provide the most optimized service to our customers for their olive oil needs.

In olive oil exporting environment, there are different types of delivery terms that can be used. The most common ones are FOB, CIF, and CFR. However, there are more terms than these three. Some of our customers may be looking for a delivery to their door without dealing with transportation, customs or so.

In such cases, Artem Oliva is able to offer wide range of delivery terms (Incoterms 2021) to our customers.

The distinctive quality of our olive and olive oil products, our production capabilities, our ability to offer a wide range of delivery terms, and our wide range of packaging solutions have made Artem Oliva Turkey’s leading exporter of olive oil.

In connection with this, there are certain other aspects that have increased the brand value of Artem Oliva. These aspects are as follows:

Delivering Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

Artem Oliva is known for delivering the ultimate customer satisfaction as a leading table olives and olive oils exporter company. Furthermore, “great” is not enough for Artem Oliva. We believe that there are more ways through which we can improve customer service. Delivering the right quantity, quality of olive oils and table olives on the right time is the key for Artem Oliva.

Honesty And Passion

People in Artem Oliva are very proud of what they are doing. Our team members are fully committed and engaged to meet our goals. Apart from this, Artem Oliva company is genuine, ethical, open, and honest. Hence, Artem Oliva team always believes in integrity and honesty and thus we always export the best quality olive oil products.


Standing in this highly competitive market, you will have to show your originality. Otherwise, you will be lost over the course of time. Our brand, Artem Oliva, is always improving, innovating, and moving forward. This is exactly why Artem Oliva is creating always new ways to deliver olive oils and table olives to customers. This originality may be delivering the bulk olive oil in a different way or producing large quantities of olive oils or table olives in such a short number of times.

Maintaining Trust

When it comes to finding the best and largest table olives exporter and olive oil exporter, Artem Oliva is the right address. Furthermore, Artem Oliva always works with integrity and transparency. We never compromise with the quality of our table olives and olive oil products. Whatever we do, we do with swiftly and rigorously.

By now, you have understood why Artem Oliva is the best olive oil and table olives exporter. So, why are you waiting? Please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries.

Exported Artem Oliva extra virgin olive oil bottles are lying on a kitchen table with some sliced breads and garlic.