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Best Olive Pomace Oil from Turkey

Turkey is the main source of olive pomace oil products in the international markets, and Artem Oliva is one of Turkey’s leading olive pomace oil suppliers. We produce and export olive-pomace oils with a wide range of packing solutions.

According to the Turkish Food Codex Olive Oil and Pomace Oil Communication, olive pomace definition is “Olive pomace oil: Oil consisting of a mixture of refined olive pomace oil and natural olive oils suitable for direct consumption, with free fatty acidity in terms of oleic acid not more than 1.0 grams per 100 grams.”.

According to International Olive Council, Olive Pomace Oil‘s definition is “Olive pomace oil is the oil obtained by treating olive pomace with solvents or other physical treatments, to the exclusion of oils obtained by re-esterification processes and of any mixture with oils of other kinds. It is marketed in accordance with the following designations and definitions.”.

In the heart of Anatolia, Artem Oliva is offering its high-quality Olive Pomace Oil product that is blended with Artem Oliva’s own extra virgin olive oils. The extra virgin olive oils of Artem Oliva blended with Pomace Oil are extracted with the “cold-pressed” method so that the oil’s beneficial compounds are protected.

Turkish Olive Pomace Oil for Cooking in Glass Bottle
Turkish Olive Pomace Oil for Cooking in Pet Bottle

What is Olive Pomace Oil?

Olive Pomace is the crude paste-like product left from the production of virgin olive oils. After the virgin oil is extracted from the olive paste during centrifugation, the leftover paste is called pomace. This by-product still contains a very high amount of olive oil in it. However, it is impossible to extract this oil by traditional methods.

This oil in the pomace is called “crude pomace oil.” This oil requires some physical and chemical processes to be extracted.

This process of extracting the crude pomace oil and making it ready to be blended with extra virgin olive oil is called the “refining process.” At this step of refining, there are some chains of physical and chemical processes.

After the pomace oil is extracted, the Artem Oliva production team blends the olive pomace oil with Artem Oliva extra virgin olive oils to produce the unique Olive Pomace Oil product. This product is distinguished from other edible oils due to its content of extra virgin olive oils and other healthy and beneficial compounds.

Olive pomace oil has most of the healthy and beneficial compounds that are mainly found in virgin olive oils. One of these compounds is oleic acid.

Olive pomace oil contains a very high amount of oleic acid, with around 60% of the total fatty acids in it. The minor monounsaturated fat contained, such as linoleic and linolenic acids, represent about 4.5% portion.

Therefore, olive pomace oil is a natural source of healthy compounds and beneficial fatty acids. These acids are referred to as MAFU, which is recognized and advised as the nutritional standards of a daily fat intake of a healthy body. This dietary setup is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet.

Since many customers worldwide know the benefits of Olive Pomace Oil, they are contacting Artem Oliva for olive pomace oil imports. Therefore, if you are looking for an olive pomace oil product, you can directly contact with Artem Oliva team.

Artem Oliva Branded Olive Pomace Oil in 5LT Pet Bottles

Pomace Olive Oil: The Best Cooking Oil

Olive pomace oil is the best available cooking oil on the market.

Cooking oils are indispensable items for our daily cooking needs. Most foods require a liquid fat to be added to reach the desired taste, aroma, and cooking method. Therefore, we need good quality cooking oils all the time.

When we evaluate the liquid fats available on the market, we see that pomace olive oil is the best cooking oil. The reason is that it is made 100% from olives. There is not any other additive material mixed with olive pomace oil. Its sole ingredients are pomace oil and extra virgin olive oil.

Artem Oliva is the leading manufacturer of Olive Pomace Oil. The quality of Artem Oliva’s Olive Pomace Oils comes from the rich content of valuable compounds and the oil’s stability.

Artem Oliva branded Pomace Olive Oils are demanded by many markets where there is a need for cooking oils. The end-users of Artem Oliva’s Olive Pomace Oils are professional cooks, cookery schools, and households who cook at home.

Since olive pomace oil is used most of the time in high-temperature cooking, Artem Oliva makes sure that the oils can stably reach a very high smoke point. Typically, the smoke point of our pomace olive oils is 240°C. This high smoke point means you can use this oil for everyday cooking needs such as deep-frying, broiling, grilling, baking, roasting, braising, and sautéing.

Therefore, if you need high-quality, healthy, and stable cooking olive oil, Artem Oliva is the best source for you.

Benefits of Using Olive Pomace Oil

Discover the numerous advantages of using Olive Pomace Oil in your daily cooking routine. This cost-effective and versatile pomace oil offers various benefits, making it a popular choice for home cooks, professional chefs, and food manufacturers.

With its high smoke point, mild flavor, and impressive nutritional profile, Olive Pomace Oil is a smart and practical option for various culinary applications. Additionally, many food producers, such as canned food producers, prefer Artem Oliva’s Olive Pomace Oil products in various packaging options, such as bulk and bottled.

Read on to learn more about the health benefits and unique properties that make Olive Pomace Oil a staple ingredient in modern kitchens worldwide.

High Smoke Point

One of the best things about Olive Pomace Oil is its high smoke point. This means that it can handle high temperatures without burning or breaking down. Cooking with oil with a low smoke point can create an unpleasant smell and taste in your food. Plus, it’s not so good for your health.

With Olive Pomace Oil, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s great for frying, sautéing, and baking because it can tolerate the heat. You’ll get delicious results in your cooking without any bad smells or tastes. And it’s a healthier option for you and your family.

Next time you’re in the kitchen, try using Artem Oliva’s Olive Pomace Oil for your high-heat cooking needs. You’ll be amazed at how well it performs and how tasty your food turns out. Not only will your meals taste great, but you’ll also make a smart choice for your health.

Mild Flavor

Olive Pomace Oil is well-known for its mild flavor. This makes it ideal for preparing a wide range of foods. When you want the taste of your components to stand out, a light oil like Olive Pomace Oil is perfect. The oil will not overshadow the other flavors in your food this way.

The adaptability of olive pomace oil is one of the factors contributing to its popularity. Its mild flavor makes it suitable for a variety of recipes, including salads, sautés, baking, and frying. Whatever you’re cooking, Olive Pomace Oil enhances the flavor of your food without affecting the flavors you adore.

So, if you want to experiment in the kitchen, consider olive pomace oil. The compatibility it has with all of your favorite recipes will astound you. You’ll still enjoy the tastes of your food just as you remember them because of their mild flavor.

Cost Effectiveness of Olive Pomace Oil

People love Olive Pomace Oil because it’s easy on the budget. When you cook with this oil, you get great value. This means you can enjoy the benefits of olive oil without spending a lot. So, you can make tasty and healthy meals without breaking the bank.

Another great thing about Olive Pomace Oil is that it lasts long. This means you don’t have to buy it often, saving you even more money. Plus, because it’s perfect for different types of cooking, you don’t need to spend extra cash on other oils.

Lastly, using Olive Pomace Oil can help you cut down on food waste. Since it’s so versatile, you can use it for many recipes. This means you’ll have fewer half-used bottles of different oils cluttering up your kitchen. With Olive Pomace Oil product of Artem Oliva, you get a fantastic oil that’s good for your health and your wallet.

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Olive Pomace Oil vs Olive Oil

When exploring olive oils, it’s important to understand the differences between olive pomace oil and olive oil. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions for your culinary needs, ensuring the oils are fit for human consumption.

Olive oil, a result of mechanical extraction through processes like cold-pressing, comes in various grades, including extra virgin, virgin, and pure olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil, endorsed by the International Olive Council, stands out for its rich flavor and beneficial fatty acids obtained without heat or chemicals.

On the other hand, olive pomace oil, obtained through refining processes from the pulp left after the initial extraction, lacks the distinctive taste and nutritional content of extra virgin olive oil.

While olive oil excels in dressings, dips, and drizzling, olive pomace oil finds its place in cooking, thanks to its higher smoke point. Both oils offer unique attributes, catering to different culinary creations and preferences. Understanding the nuances between these types of olive oil allows you to elevate your dishes and enhance the overall dining experience.

Choose olive oil for your culinary masterpieces and embark on a flavorful journey with Artem Oliva today!