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We are one of the most preferred olive oil bottling companies in Turkey. Bottling olive oil is not as easy as it seems because it involves many different elements. These elements are related to olive oil production, particularly olive oil bottling.

As an olive oil bottling company, we pay most of our attention to the following components, choosing the most suitable bottle, appropriate labeling, physical conditions, capabilities of bottling equipment, final touch, and packing.

We are serving many different brands worldwide basis with our bottling factory located in the city of Izmir, Turkey. Different olive oil brands from all over the world such as catering companies, food & beverage distributors, supermarket chains, and wholesalers with their own brand and Artem Oliva brand. Additionally, new brands entering into market are preferring our olive oil bottling service in order to get the highest possible quality with customized solutions

olive oil bottling company

The first step we take with our customers who are looking for olive oil bottling solutions is choosing the right bottle for their specific needs. If the customer has a bottle that is currently in use, we can supply the bottle to meet the necessary standards and quality requirements for filling the olive oils for the customers. There are many different types of oil bottles that our olive oil bottling equipment is capable of filling.

Artem Oliva has a wide range of olive oil bottle selections that include different types. Some types are focused more on the aesthetic value and are designed for premium oil products and come in glass bottles and some are cost-effective while maintaining the high quality of the olive oil inside.

The main type of bottles that are used in the world for olive oil are listed as follows, Marasca, Dorica, Amla, Anfora Antica, Anfora Liora, Anfora Penelope, Anfora Siviglia, Arc, Bellissimo, Bellolio, Bord Futura, Colio, Caligula, Caterina, Chia, Chilly, Costolata, Dame Tonda, Danai, Demijohn, F-40, Ferro China, Frasca, Fred, Futura Quadra, Gallone, Ginger+Fred, Ginger, Graduata, Grandolio, Grand Oval, Dream, Duca, Esmeralda-1, Esmeralda-2, Ferro China, Grand Quadra, Hector, Huile Spray, Impilabile Inf+Sup, Impilabile inf, Impilabile Sup, Kalamata, Lisette Quadro, Lisette Tondo, Altair, Anfora Penelope, Anfora Liora, Regine, Sandra, Shtoff, Sinfonia, Olive Branch, Opera Oliva, Sinfonia Opera, Siphon, Siviglia, Osta, Pamela, Penelope, Pilar, Siviglia, Solitude, Sonia, Trian Golare, Vecc Farmacia, Virgnia, Verdi New, Viola, Warta, V-Farm Quadro, AG RB, Basarabia, Bi Class, Bordeaux, Bordelesa S, Legera, Limon, Nocturne, Ouzo, Remi Gold, Sparkling, Bordo, Borgona, Burgundia, Champagne, Conica Elite, Espanola, Europa S, Eva, Fleaga, France, Golea, Imperator, Imperatritsa, Legera, Storica, Storica Vip, Super Vip, Golea. According to requirement of the customers, we assist them to choose the best bottle for their brand needs and budget.

Artem Oliva is one of the best co-packers of olive oil in Turkey. With its highly experienced team in olive oil bottling, Artem Oliva has been providing olive oil bottling service for so many years to its industrial customers from all over the world.

Olive Oil bottling process in Artem Oliva.

Olive Oil Packaging

Olive oil is a fragile product that requires careful handling, storage, and packaging to maintain its quality and freshness. Therefore, olive oil packaging plays a crucial role in the marketing, transportation, and preservation of olive oil products. In this section, we will explore the various types of olive oil packaging designs and materials that are available and how they can affect the quality of the oil.

Olive oil packaging designs are constantly evolving, with new materials and technologies emerging that provide innovative solutions for improving the quality and shelf life of the product. When choosing an olive oil packaging design, it is important to consider factors such as the type of olive oil, intended usage, branding, and sustainability.

By working closely with Artem Oliva’s design or marketing team, businesses can ensure that their olive oil products are packaged in a way that meets their specific needs and provides the best possible consumer experience in their market area.This concept applies for both Artem Oliva branded olive oil products and our Private Label olive oil solutions.

When considering olive oil packaging environment, there are different sections that needs to be considered such as the bottle type and design, label type and design and box design. This process also includes all the technical and marketing related wording that will be written on the labels and boxes.

Artem Oliva's Bottling Process of Olive Oil packaging operation for High-Quality Olive Oil
Artem Oliva's Labeling Process of Olive Oil packaging operation for High-Quality Olive Oil

Label Design

In line with the respective bottle selected, Artem Oliva is able to assist its customer to choose either their own private label or Artem Oliva’s label to perfectly suit the selected bottle type and dimensions. If our customers require it, our design team can create a special and unique label design for their requirements with the best possible art design that is reflecting their brand image. With the long-term experience of Artem Oliva in olive oil label design, our team is looking forward to hearing your requirements in terms of your special label needs in order to provide the best possible label solution.

In the label design process, there are different aspects involved. Since olive oil is a product that is exhibited with its label and the brand perception, colors, and all other items put on the label matter a lot. In this respect, our design team considers the label designing process from cultural, economical, and marketing approaches for the country of destination. For example, a label that suits perfectly for Americas market may not be the best design for Asian markets as the cultural aspects of each market differ.

These aspects also include the color perception of the country of destination. The cultural figures that best reflect the food package design expectations of the destination country. Therefore, designing a label for a specific market requires a great amount of research to be successful in the best possible way.

Olive Oil Bottling of Artem Oliva Brand

Adjusting the required amount of textual information on the olive oil label, placement of the company logo, having a brief brand story, legal limitations and label regulations of the importing country, and an informative section about technicalities are some of the topics that the label design artist needs to consider. This is why we, as Artem Oliva, are paying the utmost attention to both our own Artem Oliva branded labels and private labels. Esthetic aspects of the label and legal considerations must be taken into account altogether to give the best and most safe label solution for our customers.

For the best outcome and smooth process of delivering the best olive oils with the best packaging, we offer and suggest Artem Oliva branded label olive oils to our customers. Artem Oliva branded olive oils are widely known for their good track of shelf velocity. The design of our labels shows the brand values in an elegant way and reflects the quality of olive oils contained within.

After the respective bottle is selected according to the customer’s needs and requirements and the label design is finished, then comes the time for the caps, closure, and the final touch selection.

In most cases, we leave the caps and closure selection to the final step of the design as these components complement the label and bottle type. Therefore, the color of the cap and closure is basically left to the final stage of Artem Oliva’s olive oil bottling.

Among the caps available in the market, we offer dark green, white, black, and gold colors to our customers.

On the other hand, we also provide different colored metal or plastic closures according to the demands of our customers. The main colors are gold, black, green, and white closures.

Quality of Artem Oliva's Olive Oil Bottling Service

The olive oil bottling process starts when the oil begins to run within the tubes from tanks to olive oil bottling equipment reaching up to the final destination of an olive oil glass bottle. All processes, olive oils, and physical conditions are at the utmost hygiene level in Artem Oliva’s facility. The facility temperature is always kept under control with a centralized temperature track and management system. The storage area where the tanks are stored has also its own climate control technology in order to keep the olive oils at optimum temperature. The tanks where Artem Oliva stores its olive oils are especially topped up with nitrogen gas in order to avoid air contact with olive oils which would lead to a shorter freshness lifespan of the oils.

Artem Oliva olive oil factory has the following items.

  • Interconnected bottling equipment that is capable of bottling, capping, labeling, and controlling the bottles. In each step of the production full automation equipment is used. The number of units that can be produced can go up to 2500 bottles per day.
  • Nitrogen topped up tanks that keep the olive oils always fresh.
  • Climate control system that enables controlling the temperature both in the tank storage area and olive oil bottling area to be under control.

The oils that are bottled in the facility include extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, early harvest extra virgin olive oil, olive pomace oil, organic olive oil, and refined olive oil. Virgin olive oil category products are naturally cold-pressed olive oils being an extraction temperature of a maximum of 27°C this means that the labels can state that method of extraction as “cold-pressed” which is fully in line with the legal limitations and considerations.

Artem Oliva, as your partner co-packer has certifications of FDA, Kosher, ISO9001, ISO22000, Halal, Non-GMO and Organic. The company and facility are audited every year by the respective authorities for food safety and other requirements defined under all of these certificates that are leading Artem Oliva to improve its quality of service and products.