Glass Bottle Olive Oil

Artem Oliva is offering glass bottle olive oils for its customer all around the world. We are proud to be the glass bottle olive oil source for many different brands in the world.

Not only the glass bottle itself, but we also help our customers with their private label olive oil requirements as well. In this operation, there is assistance to label/box design to make everything ready for the customer.

Olive Oil: Expectations Vs. Reality

If you see the current situation, you will realize that the shelves of those supermarkets are filled with glass bottle olive oil and tinned olive oil. Now, it becomes very complicated to judge the quality of those extra virgin olive oils without tasting them. There will be differences between the expectations and reality. Reading the labels of the olive oil bottle can give you a concrete idea. Therefore, we have added certain points that you should keep in mind while buying olive oil.

Cold Pressed

If you see the cold-pressed method is used, you can go with this one. In this method, no heat was exercised for extracting oil from olives. Adding heat can help the companies to suck more oil from those olives. But, it will destroy the aromas and flavors. However, cold-pressed means that the temperature does not exceed 27°C.


From the label, you will get to know the ‘pressing’ date. It will give you a concrete idea about the age of that product. Over the course of time, the quality of the product might go down. However, if you store it in a cool place away from heat and light, it will last longer. If we talk about the quantity, you should buy olive oil that you can consume within a month. Thus, you will get the highest quality till the last drop.


If the supermarket is allowing you to taste the olive oil, that will be great for you. You can judge the different flavors of olive oil with your tongue and nose and not with your eyes. When you taste good quality olive oil, you will not get any kind of waxy residue. It will give you a fresh and clean taste.

As of now, you have understood the difference between expectations and reality. Now, if you want high-quality olive oil, you can get in touch with Artem Oliva.

Artem Oliva offers Glass Bottle Olive Oil