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One of the Best Olive Oil Brands in Turkey

Artem Oliva Branded Turkish Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Marasca Type Bottle with some olives and olive leaves behind.

Artem Oliva is one of the best olive oil brands in Turkey. The company was established in 1960s and since then, it has been the industry leader. The founders chose Aegean region as the location of Artem Oliva.

Aegean region is an accepted place for the production of the finest quality of olive oils in the world. This place is where some of the top olive oil brands are born such as Artem Oliva. This was the main reason why Artem Oliva’s first steps were taken in this place.

The passion for creating the high quality olive oils is the heritage from our ancestors. This is why respecting this heritage and honoring our founders in the production of the such finest olive oils and protecting the coverage of this olive oil brand is our main goal.

The roots of our brand, Artem Oliva, goes within this region’s history as well. As it is well known, olive oil is the fountain of health, wealth and beauty. This wonderful liquid gold brings many health benefits. Olive oils produced by Artem Oliva have high standards of chemical and sensory attributes. For this reason, Artem Oliva is known to be manufacturing the healthiest extra virgin olive oils.

When it comes to benefits of olive oil, we need to briefly define the different types of health sakes of olive oil. One of the most important content of olive oil is its phenolic content and Artem Oliva olive oil has high phenolic contents. In like manner, when consumed properly, Artem Oliva extra virgin olive oil is quite beneficial to human body.

Turkey's Olive Oil Brand of Artem Oliva

In Turkey, there are many olive oil producers that are producing fantastic olive oils. This is because this land is the motherland of olive for which Anatolia’s soil is the best fit. History of olive oil was written here and will be written here for sure in the future.

Olive oil is extracted from olive tree Olea Europaea L. fruits only with mechanical ways. It is consumed as it is extracted. Therefore, it is impossible to change its chemical structure, taste and composition with any outside effect. For that reason, the geography where the olives are grown and proper farming methods including the time of harvest are the sole factors that determines the acidity, aroma and flavor of the olive oil. Turkey’s position in terms of climate conditions are best for Olea Europaea L. in the world. This is why world’s highest phenolic content olive oils are produced here.

With the technology developing fast, it becomes easier to analyze the properties of food products better. As a matter of fact, today we know about olive oil much more than ever. With these kinds of developments, the true value and importance of olive oils produced in Turkey are increasing.

This trend reflects to Artem Oiva as well. Artem Oliva’s customer portfolio is increasing. Likewise, the export figures of Turkey is also increasing. This means that the geographical location matters a lot in demand, although the climates are similar in other regions of Mediterranean.

Experiencing the Best Olive Oils of Artem Oliva

Fabulous extra virgin olive oil produced by Artem Oliva is brought for your taste. Artem Oliva branded olive oils are so special that each and all the production processes are controlled by our team at least twice. Because many different factors may affect the quality of olive oil and all the processes need quite high attention and control. These factors even consist of the color of the bottle in which the olive oil is contained.Thereupon, with the quality control system of our facility, we are reaching to perfection in olive oil production.

With our superior quality control system, we have achieved zero defect results.

Representing Artem Oliva and taking over all the operations of the brand was a major challenge for us. However, what was believed and proved that with the accumulated technicalities and specialties of Artem Oliva team, such challenges became the fuel for the success of the business.

Glass Bottled Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Artem Oliva Brand
5 Glass Bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that are Labeled Wirth Artem Oliva Brand

Not only extra virgin olive oils but also other types of olive oils are produced under the famous Artem Oliva brand. One of those is Olive Pomace Oil. This olive oil type is a special that goes through a set of processes to be edible again such as refining and blending with extra virgin olive oils and so on.

Artem Oliva proudly offer world’s best olive pomace oils under Artem Oliva brand. With its high content of extra virgin olive oil, our olive pomace oils make a difference in the lives of our consumers’ kitchens.

Our brand reflects the core targets and features of our passions that drive our business. Offering different types of highest quality olive oils at affordable prices from Turkey to many different counties is the core driver of our passion. Our olive oil manufacturing system is built upon these core points.

In order to keep the same level of our quality and customer service in olive oil business, we work around the clock as we know that our customers expect it. Therefore, Artem Oliva will keep its efforts at the utmost level in order to be able to offering the best olive oils to its customers all around the world

Key Features of Artem Oliva Brand

Artem Oliva branded olive oils have many key features that provide a unique experience to the customers. Some of the unique values of Artem Oliva branded olive oils are as follows,

  • Special Packing Solutions
    • Artem Oliva is offering different types of packing solutions in order to protect the wonderful liquid gold contained in the bottles. These packing solutions cover glass bottled olive oil, pet bottled olive oil, tinned olive oil. In addition, steel or plastic drums, IBC tanks and flexi tanks as bulk olive oil solutions are also available in Artem Oliva.
    • Artem Oliva offers dark green colored bottles to its customers. There is a reason behind that. When you buy Artem Oliva branded olive oils, you will know that the olive oil in the bottle is protected against the light properly.
    • Light is an enemy of olive oil because of some chemical reactions occurring in the oil when contacted with light. These chemical reactions are needed to be avoided.
    • On the other hand, the best bottle for olive oil storage is glass bottle. Dark colored glass bottles are the best solution to protect the olive oils. Artem Oliva offers glass bottle varieties to its customers.
  • Bottle Closure
    • Artem Oliva is offering a special bottle closure that is perfect for household usage. Artem Oliva had this idea of supplying the best olive oil branded bottles with the easiest way possible.
    • Due to its characteristics, olive oil is sticky when it drops onto the bottle. With the perfect closure and pourer options Artem Oliva provides, this problem is no longer available.
  • Perfect Storage
    • Artem Oliva’s storage facility has its unique properties to keep the oils safe and high quality while waiting for bottling in tanks. There is a climate control system on 7/24.
    • Oxygen is another unwanted substance for olive oil. Leading olive oil brands have always been so precautions about this point and Artem Oliva is one of them.
    • Artem Oliva tanks are topped up with nitrogen gas. With this special operation, Artem Oliva cuts the contact of their olive oils with oxygen.
  • Cold Pressed
    • Most of you well know that the phrase “cold pressed” always comes with a premium on the price. However, it is not the case anymore in Artem Oliva.
    • Artem Oliva has been always pressing their best olive oils at low temperatures. This rule is maximum 27 °C.
    • When olives are pressed at a temperature lower than 27 °C, it is called cold pressed.
    • In Artem Oliva factory, best olive oils are produced with cold pressing method without adding any premium on top of the prices.
  • Low acidity and Peroxide Levels
    • The chemical limitations of olive oil characters are defined by the international bodies such as International Olive Oil Council.
    • For Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the free acidity shall be maximum 8.0% and peroxide level be 20 mEqO2/kg.
    • In general, Artem Oliva’s olive oils result are around 0.5% for free fatty acids and 12.89 mEqO2/kg for peroxide.
    • These values are around 35% lower than the industry levels.
  • Flavor Profile and Aroma
    • Artem Oliva branded extra virgin olive oils are rich in sensory attribute according to the sensory analysis that are conducted regularly.
    • When you smell Artem Oliva olive oil, you will feel the best olive oil flavors and aromas. These aromas reflect the best Mediterranean olive fruits.
    • Fruity profile which is one of the most important factors in olive oil sensory specifications is very high in Artem Oliva olive oils. This is why most of the people who taste our olive oils say that the fruity flavor is very strong.
    • For those who are looking for mild flavor, Artem Oliva is offering its olive pomace oil that has a comparably mild flavor.
  • High Antioxidant Levels
    • Since the production of olive oil is done with cold pressing method, Artem Oliva’s olive oils are high in antioxidants.
    • Such antioxidants create great value to human health by providing high quality substances to human body.
  • Harvest Date

    • Another important factor of olive oil when it comes to proper information supplied on the labels.
    • On Artem Oliva olive oil labels, the harvest date is properly inserted.
  • Process Management System
    • Artem Oliva has adapted a process management system that enables the company to control, manage and optimize all the process of olive oil value delivery.
    • This system covers the whole operation starting from harvesting till the delivery of each bottle to the final users.
    • With this way, the quality level of Artem Oliva branded olive oils are kept at a stable level for long period of time.

Important Aspects in Production of Artem Oliva Olive Oil Brand

The first and most important aspect is to take into consideration of this process is the choice of the land where the oil tree will be grown. It is the rule number one that the most suitable place for olive tree is the place with climate conditions that are preferably to be cold and rainy in winters, hot and dry in summers.

In Anatolia, which is the motherland of the wonderful olive tree, most of the people even say “it is better, if the olive tree rests across the sea”. Even though there is no research that would support such argument, Anatolian people are the masters of olive tree. Henceforth, if they are stating such an argument that would actually support the growing of the olive tree, it is best to accept it as true. Artem Oliva has chosen Mediterranean to grow its olives.

After the selection of the perfect land, it is time to consider the factors that are vital for processing of turning the olives into best extra virgin olive oils. These factors are basically related to production and storage.

One of the top production related factors are avoiding air and water contamination of the oil. Furthermore, avoiding light exposure of the oil and optimizing the timing are also quite crucial. The concept of temperature and logistics also matter in the quality of olive oil.

Air and water exposure are the major points to avoid the hydrolytic and oxidative degradation of oils during processing and storage. Olive fruits originally contain some water within their body cells. This water shall be separated from the oil as quick as possible in order to end the interaction of water and the oil

Hydrolysis of triglycerides due to interaction of water related substances with oil causes free fatty acids to be released. This is one of the major quality indicator of an olive oil. Artem Oliva is caring this process so much that the superior level of controls start at the harvesting. Only the healthy fruits are harvested and sent to the mill in order to keep the free fatty acidity levels of the oils at lowest possible. During the process, the water and oils are separated perfectly with the state of art machinery in Artem Oliva’s factory.

On the other hand, same terms apply for air. Air is one of the dangers to olive oil. Exposure of olive oils to air constantly will end up the oil to get spoiled and become non-edible. The tanks at Artem Oliva’s facility keep the olive oils with nitrogen topping in order to avoid O2 to be contacted to the oils. This is a very special practice taken by Artem Oliva in order to be the best extra virgin olive oil brand.

Light exposure is also another factor that Artem Oliva is putting great amount of attention. Light exposure (photoxidation) accelerates the damage to the oils. Artem Oliva’s storage facility and also the glass bottles are perfectly designed to keep the potential light exposure of the oils at minimum.

Spoilage of oil is occurring no matter how good the necessary actions are taken. However, with the protective practices, the speed of spoilage is so slow that Artem Oliva’s olive oils have fame to stay always fresh and high quality much longer than other olive oil brands in the market. Such spoilage should be minimized by carefully avoiding temperature, exposure to air (oxygen), exposure to light, the presence of water and organic residues in the oil, and mechanical stress which would occur during transportation, pumping or transferring of oils.

Optimizing timing is another factor that affects the quality of the oil directly. Olive fruits start the spoil right after they are harvested and with that reason, the harvested fruits are in urgency to be delivered to the mill without losing any time. During the harvest, Artem Oliva always keeps the equipment and vehicles ready for transferring the oils to the mill immediately. Once the healthy and green olive fruits arrived at the mill, they are immediately taken to process. Such a time optimization and keeping the idle waiting times at minimum require specialty and organization capabilities of the producer company.

As defined earlier, cold pressed olive oils are advertised as the best and it is true completely, only if the temperature of olives are kept at maximum 27°C during the whole process of production of olive oil. Artem Oliva’s selection of olive oils are always processed at maximum 27°C. In Artem Oliva facility, physical and biochemical phenomena take place during malaxation with critical effects on the extracted quantity as well as on the nutritional and sensory quality of the oil. The optimal range of time-temperature relationship is perfectly under control and managed smoothly.

With all the experiences and know-how in olive oil production Artem Oliva has been one of the most preferred olive oil brand for so many years with the strong roots coming from the family’s craftsmanship.

For so many years, with certified quality, production and safety systems, Artem Oliva is bringing the best olive oils for its customers. The high quality meaning that super low free fatty acids and peroxide levels olive oils are produced by Artem Oliva. The oils produced in facility is rich in antioxidants.

Since all the products, facilities, production methods and safety management systems are certified by the internationally recognized and approved authorities, Extra Virgin Olive Oils produced by Artem Oliva are unique in which the mastership of all the steps of value delivery is optimized.

In production, all the input including the physical conditions, storage areas, glass bottles, pipes and machinery are kept super clean and isolated from the outer world that even a very small odor can not enter to the facility to affect the perfect taste and aroma of Artem Oliva’s best olive oils.

Focusing on customers, Artem Oliva’s positive feedback received from the partners all around the world is fueling the success story and passion of the company in order to further develop for the purpose of delivering the best value on extra virgin olive oils.

In order to discover how we can supply the best olive oils label under Artem Oliva brand, please contact with us.

Turkish Olive Oil of Artem Oliva standing on a table with some fresh greens.