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Worldwide Export

Artem Oliva is manufacturing & exporting to 6 continents high quality Turkish Olive Oils and Table Olives.

Experienced Team

Artem Oliva™, begun over 60 years ago, continues on its journey as an olive & olive oil supplier today with same vision consistently.

Customer Centricity

With 7/24 accessibility via all means of communication, Artem Oliva™ has been providing a uniqe customer journey for the highest satisfaction.

Assured Quality

Artem Oliva™ supplies various types of olive oils & table olives that are certified per international chemical and sensory standards.


What We Produce

Extra Virgin Turkish Olive Oil of Artem Oliva

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil(EVOO) is obtained from olive fruit mechanically with careful handling and milling operations and as well as strong quality control systems. Our EVOO is certified to be ≤0.8% free acidity in terms of oleic acid.

Best Cooking Oil, Artem Oliva Olive Pomace Oil Range

Olive Pomace Oil

Our Artem Oliva is the leading Olive Pomace Oil manufacturer in Turkey. We are offering very low acidity, highly stable, and high smoke point Olive Pomace Oils with a mild fruity aroma that will be your best cooking oil.

Green Olives and Black Olives

Table Olives

Ultra premium quality Mediterranean table olives are processed with natural ways and brought to your taste by Artem Oliva™. Please discover our table olives!

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Our Story

If the roots are deep, you do not need to fear the wind” says an old Chinese proverb. The trees with the deepest roots are those that grow the highest. A tree that grows from strong roots becomes stronger. It spreads out; it constantly changes its horizon. And thereby gains new insights.

The roots of Artem Oliva go back a story began in 1960s, when two close friends Mustafa Candeger and Ali Naci Akman, who are also our grandfathers have come up with a dream idea: to create the purest extra virgin olive oil in a local mill with the combination of their passion and wide know-how on olives grown in Aegean Region of Turkey where nestles on the coast of the Aegean Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean. This area is known to produce world’s finest quality olives and these two close friends simply wanted locals to experience the amazing sensation of tasting and using fresh, organic, 100% pure Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

During the following years, we have treated the graceful olives like a piece of art and the success of our products has built a strong reputation in the local market and encouraged us to expand our business to the worldwide.

Now, 60 years later, grandsons Can Candeger and Murat Akman, who are inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of their grandfathers, blends our tradition and passion with innovation by maintaining the heritage of the family.

We have committed ourselves to the ongoing responsibility for reinforcing, managing and developing our brand, Artem Oliva, in order to enhance their value. Our brand values are the foundation that ensures a path to a successful future for our businesses.

Beginning of the Story
First Drop of Liquid Gold
Local Success
Global Branding
All started with a dram of two close friends, “To create the purest extra virgin olive oil…”
First drop of purest extra virgin olive oil comes out of the mill…
Their local success becomes famous within the city.
Story goes on…
Grandsons, after 60 years of hardwork of their elders, reshaping the brand, Artem Oliva™.


The Most Experienced
Turkish Olive Oil Company

Our Range

We are manufacturer and exporter of best Turkish Olive Oils!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our precious liquid gold is unique with its color, feel, taste, texture, and smell that are to drive the sensory perfection. Discover now !

Virgin Olive Oil

Inspirationally pure Mediterranean olives’ fruit juice, cold pressed, is presented for your taste as Virgin Olive Oil from Artem Oliva™

Early Harvest Olive Oil

As old Romans said “Oleum ex albis ulivis”, we believe that the greener, the better. Discover our premium Early Harvest Olive Oils...

Organic Olive Oil

Icon of health, olive trees cultivated organically delivers certified Organic Olive Oil for our customers looking for privileged experience.

Pomace Olive Oil

It is preferred with its reasonable price, health friendliness and taste. High smoking point makes it suitable for all forms of cooking.

Green and Black Table Olives

Selected green & black table olives in all types and varieties cultivated from organic olive trees are served to our customers.


Our Products

Artem Oliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Marasca Bottle

Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

Artem Oliva Organic Olive Oil

Virgin Olive Oil

Artem Oliva Organic Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Artem Oliva Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Early Harvest
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Inspiring Partnership


Passion For Quality

We love what we do and how we do! We put our care, quality and passion into
creating our extra virgin olive oil. Our passion pushes us to continually craft the
freshest extra virgin olive oil.

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