Olive Oil Producer

Turkey’s Leading Producer of Olive Oil

Artem Oliva is an olive oil producer in Turkey. We produce high-quality Turkish extra virgin olive oils using the “cold-pressed” method in our factory.

Artem Oliva’s olive oil products range includes Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Refined Olive Oil, Olive Pomace Oil, and Lampante Olive Oil. All these olive oil types are produced in accordance with Olive Oil Regulations and Standards of European Commission and IOC(International Olive Council).

In Turkey, “Properties of Olive Oil” and “Olive Pomace Oil and the Related Analysis Methods and Olive Oil Marketing Standards adapted by European Commission” are applied in Turkish Food Codex of Olive Oil and Pomace Oil Regulation. Therefore, the quality and sensory standards of Artem Oliva olive oils are compatible with these standards as well.

In addition, our olive oil products and production methods are also compatible with the requirements of the certificates we have such as Kosher, FDA, Halal, ISO22000, and so on.

By adhering to Turkish, EU, and IOC regulations, Artem Oliva is a highly advanced olive oil producer. Moreover, we produce olive oil products, including extra virgin olive oil and olive pomace oil, that fully comply with international and national regulations, making Artem Oliva the most competitive producer of olive oil.

Olive Oil Factory of Artem Oliva
Artem Oliva Olive Oil Factory

Olive Oil Factory

Artem Oliva olive oil factory is located in the South Aegean of Turkey. Since 1960, this olive oil factory is one of the leading olive oil factories in Turkey. With a comparatively high production capacity and advanced technology for extraction, filtering, storage, and bottling, we offer great flexibility to meet our customers’ needs.

Our factory features a 5,000m² olive oil extraction facility, a 2,500m² olive oil storage facility, and a 3,000m² olive oil bottling facility.

Our daily olive oil production capacity is 50 metric tons. In order to produce the urgent shipments required by our business partners, our factory is able to work on 3 shifts basis on 7/24 in the olive oil bottling facility.

In our factory, you will see different sizes of steel olive oil tanks. With such a big capacity for olive oil storage, Artem Oliva is offering its bottling service for olive oil brands that actually have their own oils as well. This is called an olive oil bottling service.

Our storage facility uses oxygen and light-free steel tanks, which are equipped with an inert-gas blanketing system. This system replaces the air in the headspace, which contains a high portion of oxygen, with nitrogen gas that is chemically inert and won’t react with the olive oil.

Inside Artem Oliva Olive Oil Factory

In this way, the olive oil that is transferred to our olive oil bottling facility keeps its quality and freshness at the highest possible level.

As Turkey’s leading producer of olive oil, Artem Oliva is offering ultra-premium quality olive oils produced with more than 60 years of experience and high standards adopted in the olive oil industry.

Private Label Olive Oil Producer

We are one of the biggest olive oil producing companies in Turkey. Our production facility offers two branding concepts. The first one is Artem Oliva branded olive oil production. This is our core business. On the other hand, Artem Oliva is a private label olive oil producer.

Private label olive oil production is a rapidly growing sector, with a diverse range of customers worldwide seeking OEM solutions for their own brands. Artem Oliva has been providing OEM services for many years.

The main demand for private label olive oil production is coming from retailers, grocery stores, distributors, and startups who have built their olive oil brands. It is very common that private label olive oil demanding customers do not have their own olive oil factories.

In such cases, all the production, packing, and labeling are done by Artem Oliva. If you are looking for such a private label olive oil solution, Artem Oliva is the right company to contact.

Labeling and Packing

There are some important points in the private label olive oil production business that includes the customer’s direct involvement in the process. Planning, implementing and control of the end results are very important for Artem Oliva in OEM production.

When a customer demands private label olive oil producing service, we always ask the following points regarding labeling and packing for the best outcome.

  • Does our customer have their own label design or not?
  • Is the customer looking for a label design consultancy or not?
    • If yes, how can we provide a better labeling service to the customers so that their olive oils are sold in retail with high demand?
  • What are the technical information requirements on the label at the country of import?
  • What kind of package is the customer looking for, for example, glass bottle or pet bottle?
  • Is the customer looking for an urgent shipment or not?
  • What type of olive oil does the customer need?
  • What is the stock management strategy of the customer for olive oil?
  • What are the seasonal demand changes and the dynamics of the current season’s demand in the customer’s marketplace?
  • What will be the portion of different types of packages in the overall quantity that the customer is looking for?

As a rule of thumb, all the above private label olive oil checklists and requirements are expected to be defined in a very short amount of time. This can be done only with a proper organization of communication with the client.

The reason why such processes must be handled very fast is that olive oil is a product that must be kept on the shelf all the time. A delay in the presentation of the product on retail shelves would lead to a negative sales result.

In that step, Artem Oliva’s sales team involves and carries out the communication and coordination with the customer as fast as possible.

On the other hand, the technical details must be emphasized in private label production in Artem Oliva’s olive oil factory. These technical details of the labels mainly are size, the wording, front and back label requirements, the position of the label on the bottle, and so on.

To make sure that the labels are exactly meeting customers’ needs, we always make a demo presentation in order to show customers how the label will look on a fully produced bottle with all components such as caps, labels, closure, and oil in it. So that we give customers a final option to review the product visually.

Once all the above aspects of the private label olive oil process are defined, we immediately start the operations of raw material supply and olive oil production scheduling. Unless there is a specific delivery time requirement by the customer, we take each order as an immediate shipment and schedule it accordingly.

Artem Oliva Olive Oil Control During Production

Advantages of Private Label Olive Oil

There are advantages for customers who are looking for private label olive oil solutions from Artem Oliva. The main and most important advantage is the low investment cost of building an olive oil brand. The other advantage is that Artem Oliva’s high quality olive oils are perfect for the customers who want to sell olive oil under their own brands.

Since investing in an olive oil factory is not easily doable in terms of high entry costs, some companies are looking for outsourcing the production operations. In such cases, they can choose private label olive oil solutions from olive oil producers such as Artem Oliva.

When an olive oil company creates its own olive oil brand, the purpose is always to supply high quality olive oils. However, if the company does not have its own olive groves, choosing the right olive oil bottling company is crucial. In this step, Artem Oliva’s olive oils are an excellent solution for these types of customers who are looking for a stable supply of high-quality olive oils.

Now, if you are in search of the best private label olive oil producer, feel free to get in touch with Artem Oliva.

Artem Oliva personnel removing oxygen from olive oil bottles before filling them to ensure product quality and freshness.

Artem Oliva's Commitment to Sustainability

At Artem Oliva, we take sustainability seriously and are dedicated to ensuring our olive oil production processes have a minimal environmental impact. We prioritize responsible farming practices, resource conservation, and waste reduction to protect the planet while producing the highest quality olive oil. At the heart of our sustainable olive oil production approach within the industry lies a strong commitment to environmentally responsible resource management methods.

Artem Oliva is committed to sustainable farming practices in our olive groves. We utilize eco-friendly methods, such as crop rotation, organic fertilizers, and integrated pest management, to preserve soil health and biodiversity. These practices help maintain a healthy ecosystem, ensuring our olive trees continue to thrive for generations to come.

In our olive oil factory, we focus on conserving energy and reducing our carbon footprint. We invest in energy-efficient machinery and equipment, optimizing our production processes to minimize energy consumption. We also explore renewable energy sources, such as solar power, to reduce our environmental impact during bottled olive oil production.

Artem Oliva is dedicated to reducing waste and promoting recycling throughout our production processes. To minimize waste, we repurpose by-products of olive oil extraction, such as olive pomace, for alternative uses, like olive pomace oil, biofuel or animal feed. Our packaging materials are also selected with sustainability in mind, using recyclable materials whenever possible.

Water conservation is another essential aspect of our sustainability efforts. We implement water-saving techniques in our olive groves, such as drip irrigation systems, to use water more efficiently. In our production facilities, we employ closed-loop systems that reduce water waste and recycle water for reuse in the production process.

Artem Oliva’s commitment to sustainable practices ensures we produce high-quality, eco-friendly olive oil while protecting the environment for future generations. By choosing Artem Oliva, you are supporting a company that values sustainability and strives to make a positive impact on the planet.