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Types Of Olive Oil That You Should Know

Are you trying to keep your physical condition in good shape? Then, you must have olive oil in your everyday diet. It is something that prevents cancer, improves the digestive system, moisturizes hair and mitigates inflammation. However, you should know that there are different types of olive oil that do different types of functions. Due to its health benefits and rising popularity, you can see a remarkable rise in olive oil production. Apart from this, you can see different olive oil producers are coming up with their olive oil products. Anyway, before choosing any brand, you must know different types of olive oil.

Early Harvest Olive Oil

Early harvest olive oil is one of the highest quality versions of olive oil. It has a very distinctive and special flavor and apart from this, it is very intense and fresh in taste. The olive oil production process is very difficult in the case of early harvest olive oil and this is something that makes this product unique.

Organic Olive Oil

Organic oil that is mainly produced with the help of organic processes following the EU regulations is called organic olive oil. Soil herbicides, plant protection products and synthetic fertilizers are not used in the case of organic olive oil production.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is produced using the cold-pressing method. Therefore, the customers will not have to compromise with the flavours and aromas. If you compare it with virgin olive oil, you will see that the acidity content remains low in extra virgin olive oil.

Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin olive oil is the unrefined form of olive oil. It is also produced using the cold-pressed method and the level of acidic content remains high in virgin olive oil.

By now, you have understood different types of olive oil. Now, if you are in search of the best private label olive oil producer, you can get in touch with Artem Oliva.