Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Better Than Refined Olive Oil

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Better Than Refined Olive Oil

There are different types of olive oil available in the market and among them, extra virgin olive oil is the most efficient form. Apart from extra virgin olive oil, there is another form of olive oil available in the market. Well, this is labelled as ‘light olive oil’ or ‘pure olive oil’. There is one question that titillates the mind of the most people- is extra virgin olive oil better than refined olive oil? In order to know the answer, you must know the difference between the extra virgin olive oil and refined olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive OilRefined Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil is completely natural.Refined olive oil is chemically refined.
It is 100% natural juice extracted from olives. No chemical products and heat are used.Refined olive oil is the combination of virgin olive oil and chemically refined olive oil.
Extra virgin olive oil is rich in health benefits.Refined olive oil does not have any kind of health benefits.

Why Olive Oil Is Refined?

Some unrefined olive oils do not have a good flavor and aroma. It makes these olive oils unsaleable. Therefore, olive oil manufacturer produces refined olive oil. This process eliminates all those undesirable features. Talking about the refined olive oil, it is completely colourless and it does not have any kind of flavour. But, it also eliminates those beneficial properties that you will generally get in the extra virgin olive oil. Pure olive oil is not rich in anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidant properties.

What Actually Happens In The Case Of Refined Olive Oil

Well, there are so many things happen in the case of refined olive oil. These are as follows:

  • Acid Degumming Or Water Degumming: Acid degumming process basically removes the gum from the olive oil. This gum is actually a kind of phospholipid that is good for our health. Apart from it, this process also remove the polyphenols that are also beneficial for our health.
  • Neutralization: Neutralization is very important for removing fatty acids.
  • Bleaching: Bleaching removes metals and pigment.
  • Dewaxing: Dewaxing basically eliminates triacylglycerol that is a kind of fatty acid. It gives a cloudy look to the olive oil and therefore, it does not look attractive. This is why manufacturers use this method to give the olive oil an attractive look.

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