Olive Oil Mill Company

Organic Olive Oil Mill Company

We are an organic olive oil mill company. Our olive oil mill is producing organic extra virgin olive oils along with other types of olive oils as well.

The method we use in our olive oil mill is called “cold pressed”. This simply means that during the whole process, the temperature of the olives, olive paste and olive oil does not increase 27°C. With this way, we can proudly offer our “cold pressed” olive organic extra virgin olive oils to our customers.

Since organic olive oil production requires to take necessary actions for organic farming, harvesting, and processing of the olives, Artem Oliva is offering its eligible Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils with proper certification.

The olive oil mill company is the facility where the olive oils are extracted. In this process, there is a facility layout that defines the movement of the raw materials throughout the facility without any interruption as the timing is one of the most important factors of the olive oil milling operation.

Organic Olive Oil Mill Machines of Artem Oliva

Artem Oliva uses the world’s most technological milling equipment to extract the olive oils at their best possible quality conditions. In this way, the acidity and peroxide levels of the extra virgin olive oils produced in the Artem Oliva Olive Oil Mill Facility are kept in their best conditions.

In the process of olive oil milling, the method we always use is called “cold-pressed”. Many positive contributions of olive oil are extracted with this method. One of the most important ones is that the polyphenol levels are kept at very high levels in this method. High polyphenol content also affects the bitter aroma of the olive oil positively.

For extra virgin olive oil, the most superior quality is “cold-pressed” olive oil which contains very low acidity and peroxide level and a very high level of polyphenols and antioxidants.

Organic olive oil is olive oil that is certified by internationally recognized and accredited bodies such as EU Organic, USDA, and JAS. These international bodies regulate, control, support, and certify the organically proceed food products such as olive oil.

When olive oil is organically certified, it means that there is a chain of processes that are certified completely. In these programs, the certification body certifies business operators, such as farmers and food companies, exporters, and importers.

The organic olive oil must be harvested from organically farmed olive groves. This means that the fertilizer, the maintenance of the garden, and all other processes that are related to trees, soil, and water must be done by the organic guidelines.

Artem Oliva is one of the leading organic olive oil mills in Turkey. We are creating high-quality and organic certified extra virgin olive oils.

The reason why Artem Oliva organic extra virgin olive oils are different is that all the organic olive oils are accepted in our facility according to the rules and definitions of our internal procedures. The most important part is that Artem Oliva analyzes each drop of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils in order to make sure that the organoleptic and chemical features of the organic olive oil fit the respected requirements.

Organic Olive Oil Analysis in Artem Oliva Olive Oil Lab