Olive Oil Mill Company

We are an organic olive oil mill company. Our olive oil mill is producing organic extra virgin olive oils along with other types of olive oils as well.

The method we use in our olive oil mill is called “cold pressed”. This simply means that during the whole process, the temperature of the olives, olive paste and olive oil does not increase 27°C. With this way, we can proudly offer our “cold pressed” olive organic extra virgin olive oils to our customers.

Since organic olive oil production requires to take necessary actions for organic farming, harvesting, and processing of the olives, Artem Oliva is offering its eligible Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils with proper certification.

Virgin Olive Oil Vs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Which Is Healthier?

The source of virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil is the same. Yes, they are actually made from olives. However, if we talk about the method of producing these oils, there are slight differences. This is why, they have different health properties, tastes, and colors. Olive oil mill company uses different processes to produce these oils. Now, it is these processes that set the modifiers before ‘olive oil’. The least processing is used in the case of extra virgin olive oil.

Anyway, when the world’s best olive oil mill processes the olive oil, they basically use the cold-pressed method. In such a case, the olive oil mills control the heat not to be more than 27°Cin in order to extract the olive oil from the olives. Well, this is one of the best methods used by the top olive oil brands for producing olive oil. The best part about this process is that it does not destroy the flavors and aromas of olive oil. In the end, the customers get the best quality virgin olive oil.

Research says that extra virgin olive oil has more health properties than regular virgin olive oil. Talking about the health properties, extra virgin olive oil has the richness of polyphenols. It is a kind of antioxidant and therefore if you consume this oil daily, you will achieve a lot of health benefits.

Extra virgin olive oil can be used for salads and seasoning and on the other side, virgin olive oil is used for baking, cooking, and salads. However, people are of the opinion that extra virgin olive oil has a very fruity and peppery taste. However, if it tastes musty, flavorless, and metallic, you should not go for it.

Now, you have to know the differences between virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. So, if you want to have extra virgin olive oil from one of the most famous olive mills, you should get in touch with Artem Oliva.