Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

Evaluation of the sensory quality of extra virgin olive oils is made through the proper analysis method. The qualities of fruitiness, bitterness and pungency and the absence of defects are necessary for extra virgin olive oils. These respective methods and standards are defined by the International Olive Council as olive oil tasting.

  • Focusing point 1: The evaluation of sensory defects and three basic positive sensory notes regarding to bitterness, pungency and fruitiness.
  • Focusing point 2: The definition of the vocabulary that will be used in order to describe the sensory analysis result of the extra virgin olive oil among the different parties involving in the value chain

Step by Step Process of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

Step 1: Choosing the Proper Glass

Professional tasters choose cobalt blue glasses in order not to see the color of the oil. Color of the extra virgin olive oil is not an indication of the quality.

Olive Oil Tasting Glass

Step 2: Pour Sample Olive Oil and Warm Up the Cup

Place 2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil into the cobalt blue glass and wrap the cup with your hand in order to warm up it a little bit.

Olive Oil Tasting

Step 3: Smell and Taste the Flavor & Aroma

While you smell the aromas, you need to consider what kind of fruits and vegetables you are perceiving. Think deeply about what you feel, is it bitter, green or ripe, fruity or nutty ? Take a big drop of oil in order to let your tongue to be covered with oil. Slowly inhale the taste to help the flavors to be released.

Olive Oil Tasting Smell

Step 4: Consider the Flavors

You need to consider the flavors you have perceived. They can be notes of tomato leaf or ripe tomato, green or ripe olive, artichoke, fresh almond, apple, citrus, freshly mow grass and many others give an essential contribution to the sensory profile of the extra-virgin olive oil.

Different types f flavors in olive oil tasting

Step 5: Fill the Evaluation Form

After the tasting is over, the flavor and aroma that are perceived must be recorded accordingly to the given evaluation form immediately.

Olive Oil Tasting Evaluation Form